Why do people need storytelling? To build a strong reputation

We travel around the world to meet ‘people with a vision’ and ‘brands with a purpose’. 
We write their stories with a wow-factor and stickiness.

In other words, we create content for brands and personal brands…we build stories for them. 

During our travels, we witnessed some interesting global trends that made us realize that creating meaningful content has become increasingly important.

To name a few…

We are moving from a money-driven economy to a reputation-based economy. It is getting more important who you are and how you are being perceived by your (potential) business partners, than what you sell. People do business with people, not with companies.

A growing number of entrepreneurs and business owners rely on their personal image and reputation.

A personal reputation is all you have and the company you work for is a temporary asset. A reputation is for life. 

Given our experience creating more than 600 stories for brands, we understand the importance of personal branding for people who know that online first impressions count.

We create relevant and meaningful content to enable others to form a solid perception about you or your brand – create and manage your online reputation

Secondly, before we meet and write about these people and brands, we rely on Google to understand who they are and what they stand for.

With increasing online clutter we find it hard to understand an individual’s personal story or the actual goals of a brand. Profiles on LinkedIn are more like CVs while brand websites are what they want us to know – not necessarily the real story. 

We need to know more: what about this person’s or brand’s reputation or achievements, so scanning the Google results is key to what they say about themselves, but more importantly what others say about them…

We make sure that relevant and meaningful content is found when one Googles on you or your brand


Because the world is changing constantly
Meaningful content is becoming more and more important
It is not what you sell, but who you are – what do you stand for
What do you contribute to the lives of your (potential) customers
What would they miss if you were no longer around


Reinforce and underwrite your reputation
Content created in a narrative, in a storytelling manner
Creation of Talk Value
Stimulation of word-of-mouth
Influence the perception people have about you 
Transmit a (non-commercial, complex) message
Inspire influencers 

By creating meaningful content about your personal brand, you build your reputation and give people tools to form the right perception about you.