Why do I need a strong online reputation and how do I create it?

When people Google you, search results are relevant and up-to-date.

Your online reputation is optimised and your chances at business opportunities increase by up to 48%.


We live in a world where online visibility creates opportunities and reputation builds trust. According to research, a good reputation can increase the willingness to do business with you by 48%.

In today’s reputation-based economy, it is getting more and more important who you are and how you are being perceived by your (potential) business partners.

Nowadays people want to know who you are and will Google you, before (and after) meeting you.

What they will find on the first page is your online public image, your online reputation – whether accurate or not.

‘You are who Google says you are’, whether you like it or not. 

A growing number of entrepreneurs, business owners and C-level management rely on their personal image and reputation to grow their business.


We developed a methodology that improves your online presence and hence your reputation:

1. Define your Personal Brand – what you stand for – why you do the things you do – which problem do you solve – (this is just as valuable in the ‘real world’ as it is in the online world)

2. Create relevant content to support your personal brand (stories, pictures and video)
The main difference between a poor and a good online reputation is RELEVANT CONTENT

3. Publish and share – publish the content online – Streamline and link existing content – Place the content in the CoolBrands ecosystem (Positive reflection and high link relevancy) – Link the content to your Linkedin


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